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5 things about me:

1 )  I love finding beautiful pictures that make me in awe

2 )   I love tofu and vegan food 

3 )  Books are my weakness

4 ) I am in a relationship with Jesus Christ

5 )  I always help those that are less fortunate than myself

1.  You get 1 wish; what do you do (no "more wishes" )
      To see my beautiful amazing parents again & hug them tight
2.  The best thing that has happened to you?   My Children 
3.  The worst thing that has happened to you? my first baby died 
4.  Your favorite movie?   The Terminal with Tom Hanks
5.  I'm going cycling, wanna come with me? sure why not

My Victims
idk how to shhh can't say ???


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Each day I wake up I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me another chance
here in this earthy school. This planet of constant learning. Each day to either
make a good grade or not such one. The great thing about tomorrow is that if
today I only made a "C" he gives me another chance to improve the grade.
How can we make the grades? By doing good to one another, being honest in
all our dealings, giving compassionate service, volunteering, listening, staying
away from harmful substances, keeping healthy, using our time wisely, reading,
being self sufficient, and so much more.
Living in the world and not of the world is a brave challenge in deed. Keeping to 
what I call the code is something special. It is my decision to live the way my
Heavenly Father wishes me to.
Lots of people these days wish us to conform to what they wish or they threaten
you in some type of manner. Be it friends ( peer pressure) or  acquaintances.
We all have the "freedom" to choose what we believe or how to live. I honor and
respect that in each person. Does not mean that I love you any less as a child, or
brother or sister of God.  
Respect is a very big word. I know that God loves me. That he has a plan for me.
That through daily prayer I can have the courage to go through each trial or challenge
that I have been given. I trust in God so very much and love him with all of my
heart and soul. I bear these things in the name of Jesus Christ... amen 
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One must wake up each day and pray that it will be blessed. That no matter
who wants to brings you down, but do not let them. If you are to have a good
day , one must have a happy attitude.  One must one to stay out of the pits 
along the way.
A story of such is about a donkey. he was stuck in the mud and could not get 
out. His owner could not think of getting him out saying, he is too old so we
should just bury him for he is ready die anyway. So all of the people came over
to sadly bury him. As each person through some dirt onto that donkey, they donkey
would shake it off and step onto the dirt. The next person through some dirt onto
the donkey and yet again the donkey would shake it off and step onto the dirt.
Each time the people would keep on throwing dirt onto that donkey & each time
he would shake it off and step onto the dirt. Until finally he was above the mud
that he was in and the donkey walked away.
The moral of this story is stay out of the pits that may come in your way. And if you
should fall into a pit, you can get out. do not let others ruin your day by what they
may say. Many blessings till the morrow 
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Tired as heck, feels drugged even though I am not. But even as this feeling
seems to over whelm me, I must lift my feet to walk. Not just to the door
but out and about. Mind over matter can take over, if you give it charge for
a while.
Yawn just the same as my eyes water & blur as i look into the sun. Today will
make some great shots or thoughts. Distractions off me, to others who have
no choice. Here, let me read & share my bag lunch & smile to share that some
one cares.
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I am behind... so a new year with new challenges.  who, what, when, where do
I go. let mother earth tell me or should I say guide me. looking forward to the many
deviants I am to Llama or admire, fav or critique.  Have a super new start of the
year. From me 2- U... Thanks for being a friend to me. <3
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Tis the season once again, all lights are out and flickering. Something
special about the Christmas Holiday. Maybe the wonderful refreshing
scents of pine and snow. Or the fresh home baked food and goodies
we do not seem to have time to make. Family time together with those
whom we have not seen for a while. And mostly the spirit of Christ is
felt. I am not ashamed to say I definitely feel it spirit of Christmas.
Memories of happy times, laughter and just craziness. But hey it
still is wonderful. May the spirit of Christmas fill your home or apartment
or were ever you my live and leave you with this wonderful silly smile that
will make others want to smile as well. many blessings for all of your
wonderful comments, Llamas, favorites, critiques, chats it have been
a wonderful year.  Hugs always
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Wow, seems I have been oddly tired all week long. So I did take a sabaticle  
for 5 days it seems, ugg, watched some re-runs of Duck Dynasty. I laughed
to hard I spit out my gum. "Si" is hilarious by picking up a terd to eat instead
of a berry, bahahaha, I think it's time for a new pair of glasses man.
Off to dream land, except I have none. I am sure i will be back on track
soon, reserve some energy drinks, and new pair of sneaks & hubba -hubba
in front of me to keep me moving aught to do it. Till then i thank you so much
for making me smile, giving me a since of being in an over crowed world. There
is such peeps with something to share. Hugs & maybe I will get one back.
Till the morrow

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Well, well I shall do my very best to help others in times of need. Danger, medical, crying, mommy is not waking up
I am lost ( 5 year old ) just had a my baby in the tub kinda stuff. This type of phone activity is very involved even
if, it is on the phone. Must keep the other person calm as much as I can, have a good ear to listen too what is being said
while someone is frightened, or upset, crying, screaming, I am the link at that moment in time to help them. Not to
tell them to hold on, that is the last thing they want to hear.
But please do not call 911 for stupid reasons like, my g/f won't give my keys to the car & she threw them so now I can't drive home kinda shite!.  911 is for emergencies that are life threatening, car accidents with injury, home invasions, I cut my finger off. It is not for silly games & those who miss use it should spend some time in jail for being an idiot.
Children of most of all, should be taught when to dial 911. Please do not Butt dial 911 or you will be charged a fine.
Let us make sure that the 911 is used to help those in true need of help. You never  know if that, will be there last call ever, to someone  & I for one would like to comfort the person or persons on the line. It makes all the difference, believe me.  Just some important information you should know.
I have been in the Medical Field for 21 years & still have not seen it all. Just saying, use 911 wisely. Many blessings for your day as always. :D
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Haven't been on here in a while, my camera I bought is really poop. :(  So I have reverted back to my
old tiny camera which is a Cyberone. Then I have been borrowing my daughters camera which is a Canon.
Maybe it will work out. I wish I had a better camera  of my own, it kinda makes things sad ya know.
Photography and nature is my passion. Oh well, one can only send my vibes out too the universe.
So that is why I have not been on too much, Which really is not an excuse because I still can comment
on others peoples photography and art. So I ask for you forgiveness for not doing that please. Many
hugs and I shall improve myself by making sure, I still am apart of this site weather I have a camera or not.
Because I really do have some cool friends <3.
PS: For the past week I have been digging up my yard for 3 gardens. All veggies & all. Lots of
work but well worth it in the end. That is my garden project :)
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Has ole time shivery gone in just plain photography? A shot of amazement when
catching something for it's natural beauty without the editing?  So many people
are very artistic. Doing amazing and wonderful things with photoshop. Photo manipulations
that the mind could never imagine. They are breath taking I am so happy to be able
to find such works.
I may not be at the top of the list my no means in my photography. But I hope with
my heart that I can show what I see with passion and love to whom ever looks
at them. Nothing can ever beat the natural look of anything while you stand there
in awe while staring with a big smile, and say "wow" was that cool or what. A picture
in the brain at first glance cannot be painted or edited till after what you have seen
has been put on a disk, paper or PC.
Always in your mind in original form.
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It is almost the end of the year, wow. The wind is blowing
and the sounds just ripple across the windows. The air is
very cold and whips through you when you go outside.
But it is cool to do it anyway, because you get all giggle
and want to hurry up & go back inside Thank goodness for fuzzy
boots and ear muffs makes going to the garbage can much
nicer in the cold. Brrr
Happy New Year to everyone, many Blessings  and saftey, hope
too see you again in the New Year.
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Just a special Happy Thanksgiving wishes to my watchers. May your Holiday
be very special, have lots of laughs and fond memories come alive. May your
time with family and friends be time well spent. God Bless and make sure you
eat more turkey and less pie.

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Since this is a special month, I challenge you to make a Deviant of what you
are thankful for. Gratitude is a humbling thing to have. Each day I am thankful
that I wake up, and I see the sunrise. The small things in life  are big if you
have been without. These are just to name a few.
For Jesus Christ
To live in garage when I lost had everything
To have a roof over my head in times of the coldest weather
To have just a grill when I had no electric for 4 months
To have my big fur coat when it was 18 degrees & no electric or warn water
I am thank full for the nice lady who would drop by and
give me deer meat when I had no food for months

For some stranger I just met offering me gift just because
For getting electricity
For toilet paper
For my wonderful brothers & sister who love me no matter what
For my Mother who taught me to love & have compassion
For being able to serve others who need help
For mother nature & her beautiful world
For my eyes to see,  my ears to hear,  my faith that keeps me strong
For my watchers that are wonderful people
For laughter when I am sad
For my teachers who taught me to read books for life would be very boring without mind adventures
For my sneakers that keep my feet safe
For the still many challenges I will face & the strength to endure them
May you be thankful each day for you have and not what you do not
for each day it all could be taken away from you.
Many Blessings
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Why is my Journal entries giving me such a hoot of a problem???
If this goes through I will be amazed
Is any one else having such problems??
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I am finding out that even though some people are yet still
polite they sugar coat their entrance. Maybe they like my
work or maybe not ,IDK, but the fact is if someone needs help
with a contest or or something they should just be upfront and
ask kindly  I do not mind helping out thank you so much. It would
be nice thought IF, you say that my work is talented, what say you,
that is so talented about my work other than a "LIKE". Of course I
am glad that you like it , thank you so much, but as an artist in progress
I would like to know what you liked? was it the scene? the tree?
the eyes, color,mood,darkness, blurriness? I am not such a Grand artist as
many in herebut yet it comes from passion and heart work, yes I said heart.
I like to see the small things in the big world. They seem to be forgotten among
the huge landscape and ginormous snow capped mountains.
Lets just say an ants view from the bottom up. May my work be actually
inspirational to someone in need.
thank you so much to my deviant watchers who do so much for my own inspiration.
Your work is very inspirational. I make sure I comment. Planted in my brain is that
famous verse of do unto others & hopefully they will do unto your in like your really
kind hearted, I add-libbed the last part haha.
Just a night of poetic justice is all.
Hugs as always & till the morrow keep up the good works ^..^
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Guess what?
I remembered a verse that I memorized a long time ago (actually 2 ) for some silly reason today go figure that.
Soooo, o k like I am going to recite them now, ( standing in the front of my room, fixing my pajamas,
o k, coughing, clearing my throat,taking a sigh, breathing,  ahh, ok smiling and giggling, now and
running to get a drink of water.
Alrighty then, back in my room standing. Brushing my shirt down, breathing and shrugging my shoulders.
Bahaha ha ha LMBO, o.k. really. Alrighty then here I go. Hahaha LOL. Couphing. Shhhh, o.k. here i go
now. .......... Falling on the floor laughing my booty off hahahahaha LOL. Whooo
NOOOOOO really I'm gonna tell you I promise o.k. I'll quit laughing now. Sipping my water.
One bright day ( ringgggggggggggggggggg, the phone is ringing!!!!!!!!!!) Hello! No, there is no Fred here. No
this is not Fred's phone number! You have the wrong number.. No, I do not know a Fred. Really!! Are you
kidding me??? Listen, this is NOT Fred's number. ( growls ) hey! hey!!! HEYYYYY!! listen Fred went to
Mexico and like got arrested for drug trafficking and so now some dumb guy wants him to be his wifey
which I so don't understand that, but still, like, he is in Mexico... Hello? Hello. LOL they hung up..
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Just a relaxing day. Going to give my brain some food, ahh that would be reading. Words
are exciting, relaxing, imaginative, wondrous, evolved, gracious, spunky, and mostly to
the soul who feeds the brain inspirational. May your day be relaxing for you, give that
some one you care for a big hug inspite of themselves. Just because you can & then ask
of nothing in return. Be sincere in your smile and maybe bake some brownies to share.
Always think a day is good, give the universe a reason to shine in your direction, may the
wind blow the smell of a backyard BBQ and laughter, just so you can smile. Many Blessings
to all my friends and watchers. Hugs respectfully from me to you & keep doing such wonderful
artistic work...
Big Meows till the morrow.
Cat ^..^
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Night falls even sooner.  The moon soon will rule the nights within
the 30 day mark, I will miss daylight savings time.  But then again
I can go into the the graveyard a bit sooner. I wonder why some
people are afraid of the graveyard? It is way peaceful.  Those who
has passed have been laid to rest peacefully. I am not afraid of the
dead , but of the living who reside behind some type of bush or grave
stone like a serpent ready to slash. begone they evilness I carry my
sword in the night, begone lest I smite thy head off. Now that I have
shown my princess warrior side of me I shall resume my intended topic
from the start.
I will miss daylight savings time!!! will you? if not, why not? Have a Blessed
eve anywho & a chocolate chip cookie
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Today was turning into a non productive day. I had put some of my photos in to be printed at a near by
store. I thought very cool for that price for an 8X10. & ordered 6 for this great price. I did place an order
at the near by Pharmacy : Walgreen's but the price was 2 dollars more and I could only get 4 prints. I went
too finally pick of my photos, a inspection first before I got them" I was eager. I went & no one was at
the photo counter. Odd for such a big store. I waited. a person did see me & asked do I need help? I said yes.
and waited, tick, tick, tick 15 minutes later no one. Then this same person asked, they did not arrive yet?
Nooooooooooo!  she will page them again. So I wait again, tick, tick, tick crickets are chirping, tick tock the
clock has passed 35 minutes. Guess I am not important to this store. Nore is my business.  They could have
some time of courtesy to get some one else at this counter. So I decided they do not need my business. They are
rude. I shall demand my photos for free tomorrow, report them. This company has a reputation so I thought for
caring for it';s customers. Guess not. So  I began to leave the store after 40 minutes only to be approached by
this same girl who "said" she "tried" to get this other person to help me. Then I said. That is not my problem as
a customer why your employee refused to help a customer.  You do not need my business at this point. Goodbye.
Now after this I decided to go with the pharmacy at a higher cost to get my photos.
What happened there. I got served right away. Got my photos right away. They were up to my standards in quality.
Then to top it off when the girl gave  my photos to me,she said she" has to ask for copyright on the photos." I said sure
they are mine, I am the owner of theses photos. She said " I have to ask that because these photos look very
professional, and all professional photos I have to ask for copyright.
That comment made my day. My photos, looking professional, and taken as such which I try very hard. Yeahhh I was
very tickled. I had a very big smile all the way home & giggled Now I am in search of a portfolio album to keep putting
my collection in.
Oh and by the way I have sold one of my cat pop art drawings. Life ended on a very good note :D
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Make the best of what you can
Give service to others in need
Make a nice comment to someone daily
Hug whenever you can
Tell someone you love them often
Read, it does the mind good
Watch a butterfly it's  beautiful
Never judge a book by its cover
Walk in someone else's shoes
Always have hope
It's ok to cry
Love yourself
Be kind to mother earth
Start you day with a prayer
Bless others that their days are good
Be conitnuious in a community cause
Do a good deed without expecting anything in return
Let us oft speech kinds words to each other
Put your shoulder to the wheel
And push along

Each day can be hard, each day can have downs, but you must pick your self up anyway. Brush the dust or dirt off. If you don't then what ever had made you detour from your regular element will have been the conqueror. That my friend in my court is defeat. I am incontrol of what I should feel,and be. I want to be
the best that I can. Even if you have a bad day and get an "F" there is tomorrow.At least try and make it a "C" before you go to bed. The tongue is a swift sword so becareful what you say , beccause what you say can really hurt. so speak kind words if all possible or hold your tongue.
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